Share the Dough!

Cucina Tagliani is committed to helping build a strong community and neighborhood by assisting clubs and non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts with our “Share the Dough” Fundraiser Dinners. We provide groups a simple, effective way of raising money.

Let's Dough this Together!

We love to help you raise money for your club or organization! We will produce specially printed Flyers that your members can simply hand out inviting people to join your group for dinner at Cucina Tagliani on a pre-selected evening.

The Best Part!

When your guests come in to eat and give our servers the flyer, your group will receive 15% of the total Check! (before taxes)

Yes, seriously!

As an example, if the guest’s check is $30.00, we’ll give you $4.50. If your organization has 100 tables join us for dinner that night and the average check is $30.00, then your organization will have raised $450.00!

All we ask is for you to supply us a request on your organization letterhead and include your non-profit ID number.

Once you have them “in hand”, we suggest you give members equal amounts and have them put their name in the bottom left hand corner. This way, you can run a contest with a prize of your own for the most flyers returned by an individual in order to get your redemption rate (and your profit) higher.

Together, we can build a stronger neighborhood!

We can shoot photos of the event if you like just check with your guests and our Share the Dough! Community Organizer.